Remove all signs of aging, tiredness and any skin imperfections with minimally invasive procedures, without any fear of artificial look. 

Our Procedures

Lips Correction

Lips have always been the symbol of femininity and feminine beauty throughout human history.


With the expansion of dermal filler use, we are witnessing the expansion of unnatural looking lips (what are sometimes called ‘sausage’ or ’duck’  lips).


At SN Medic, we promote a natural appearance that is in line with the personal physiognomy of your face. This is the reason why thousands of patients have given us their trust.


Lips can be corrected if you would like to accentuate your femininity. After the age of 35, lips can start to lose volume, so the lip correction using hyaluronic dermal fillers can bring back the youthful appearance of the lips.


The procedure is done using the highest quality materials, with effects that last about a year. The procedure itself is completely painless and is done by applying anesthetic gel on the lips and a dental block anesthesia. After the procedure, mild swelling and bruises may occur, but they disappear within 2-3 days.

Non surgical nose job

Non-surgical nose correction using dermal fillers is a very quick, effective and elegant solution to adjust a lowered tip of the nose or a nose curve.


Injectable fillers can also be a good solution for wider nostrils and septum deviation. Nose correction is a completely painless method, performed under local anesthesia after applying anesthetic cream.


The procedure takes several minutes, and the effects last over a year and a half. 

Tear trough Correction

If you notice you look tired, have dark circles under your eyes, you could be a candidate for dermal fillers in the under-eye area. Non-surgical under-eye correction with hyaluronic dermal fillers is a quick and effective procedure which can solve the tired appearance and under-eye hollowness, making you look years younger in just a few minutes.


The procedure is performed with the prior application of anesthetic cream, making the filler application completely painless. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes, and the effect can last from 12-18 months and longer. After the procedure, there are no outward signs that any work was done, so you can return to your regular activities right after the procedure.

Aesppla correction

Aesplla is a type of injectable dermal filler made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). This substance has been used for many years in various medical applications, including orthopedics, cardiology, and surgery.


When used as a cosmetic treatment, Aesplla is injected into the skin to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin its strength, elasticity, and youthful appearance. As we age, our body produces less collagen, leading to wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging.


By injecting Aesplla, the body is stimulated to produce new collagen, which can improve the overall quality and appearance of the skin. The treatment is particularly effective for treating deep wrinkles, fine lines, and facial folds. It can also be used to add volume to areas of the face that have lost fullness due to aging, such as the cheeks and temples.


Aesplla treatments typically require multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart to achieve optimal results. The treatment is minimally invasive and generally well-tolerated, with most patients experiencing only mild side effects such as swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection site.


It is important to have Aesplla injections performed by a qualified and experienced medical professional who is trained in the proper techniques for administering the treatment. This will help to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective, and that the desired results are achieved.

Nythia collagen

Nythia collagen je aminokiselinski kompleks koji se koristi u kozmetici za lečenje ožiljaka od akni, podizanje tonusa lica i poboljšanje teksture kože. Ovaj proizvod se dobija iz ljudske kože, a sadrži kolagen i elastin koji su ključni za čvrstoću i elastičnost kože.


Njegova formula omogućava dugotrajne rezultate, a efekti se počinju videti već nakon prvog tretmana. Kolagen u ovom proizvodu ima mogućnost da podstakne rast novih ćelija kože, poboljša hidrataciju i umanji ožiljke.


Kolagen je prirodni protein koji se nalazi u koži i drugim delovima tela, a odgovoran je za čvrstoću i elastičnost kože. Međutim, starenjem, izlaganjem suncu i drugim spoljnim faktorima, nivo kolagena u koži opada što dovodi do opuštanja kože i stvaranja bora. Upotreba proizvoda sa kolagenom kao što je Nythia collagen može pomoći u obnavljanju kože i vraćanju njenog zdravog izgleda.


Nythia collagen se obično primenjuje u vidu injekcija koje se daju direktno u kožu. Postupak je brz i neinvazivan, a pacijenti mogu odmah nastaviti sa svojim svakodnevnim aktivnostima. Tretmani se preporučuju u serijama od nekoliko puta kako bi se postigli najbolji rezultati.


Važno je napomenuti da Nythia collagen nije pogodan za sve pacijente i da se pre primene treba konsultovati sa stručnjakom za kožu ili estetskom hirurgu.

Juvederm Harmonica

Juvederm Harmonica Filler is a type of dermal filler that is used for facial rejuvenation and enhancement. It is designed to provide a natural and subtle enhancement to the midface area, specifically the cheeks and cheekbones, while also improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


The Juvederm Harmonica Filler is made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body and helps to keep the skin hydrated and supple. The filler is injected into the skin using a small needle, and the results can last up to 18 months, depending on the individual and the treatment area.


The treatment process is typically quick and relatively painless, with most patients experiencing only minor discomfort during the injections. There is also minimal downtime associated with the treatment, with most patients able to return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.


Overall, the Juvederm Harmonica Filler is a safe and effective option for those looking to enhance their facial features and reduce the signs of aging. As with any medical procedure, it is important to consult with a qualified and experienced professional to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Full face remodelling

The Full face approach in anti-aging involves a detailed analysis of your face in all its parts.


Then an individual plan is created for each patient, which includes different amounts of hyaluronic fillers.


For this purpose, only the highest quality hyaluronic fillers on the market are used, which offer an extremely high profile of safety, efficiency, and longevity.


With the Full face approach, you will look younger, fresher, and more attractive in just one visit.

Chin Correction

One interesting fact is that the chin is the only muscle on our face that strengthens and lifts the chin upwards over time, while all other muscles lose tone.


The chin can be corrected with hyaluronic acid fillers, both in terms of its projection forward and adding volume, as well as preventing it from bending upwards.


The chin is extremely important in terms of giving tone to the lower part of the face, and when there are no problems with the chin, the jawline is better defined.

Non-surgical Cheekbone Contouring

The cheekbones on our face prevent the sagging of facial muscles. Naturally less pronounced cheekbones often, particularly after the age of 30, can cause our face to sag more quickly.


High cheekbones and lifted cheeks have always been a synonym of youthfulness and a more youthful appearance. Cheekbones are very important in the anatomy of our under-eye area and the overall tone of the face all the way to the jawline.


Cheekbone correction in younger people is done for the purpose of beautification and achieving a more feminine look, while for everyone else it is an essential part and starting point for all corrections.


Cheekbone correction is done with denser fillers and its effects last for about 12-18 months. The procedure is painless and takes only a few minutes. After the procedure, you can return to all your activities without any signs of intervention.

Botox procedures

Facial botox, also known as botulinum toxin, is an injectable treatment used to reduce wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body. Botox is the most commonly used treatment for wrinkles and is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the world.


Botox is injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles, and the toxin blocks the nerve signal to the muscle, which leads to muscle relaxation and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. It is most commonly used to treat wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and around the eyes (known as “crow’s feet” or “laugh lines”).


Botox can also be used to reduce sweating under the arms, as well as to treat migraines, neck spasms, and other medical issues.


Botox injections usually take about 15 minutes, and results typically begin to be seen within a few days to a week. Results are temporary and last for approximately three to four months, after which the treatment must be repeated if you wish to maintain the visibility of the results.


Although botox is a safe treatment, it can have side effects such as redness, bruising, and swelling at the injection site, headaches, fever, and other minor unwanted effects. It is therefore important to have the treatment performed by a trained professional with experience in administering botox.

Botox for Excessive Sweating

If you experience the problem of excessive sweating, especially in the armpits area, palms and feet, you will find botox treatment very effective.


Hyperhidrosis, more commonly known as excessive sweating, is very uncomfortable, disturbing problem, that can affect your everyday life.


Botox blocks the neuro signals responsible for sweating and in this way, we can prevent sweat glands from excreting too much sweat. The effects of botox treatment for this problem can last up to 4 months.


How is the intervention done?

After applying anesthetic cream, a small needle is used to apply botox in the relevant area.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment lasts around 15 minutes, after which you can continue with your normal activities.

How long does the recovery last?

Botox is a safe treatment, with an instant recovery.

Guidelines after the intervention

After the treatment, during the first 24 hours it is not recommended to use deodorants and creams on the area where botox is applied. The results can be seen 5-7 days after the treatment.

Masseter botox

Masseter Botox is a cosmetic treatment that involves injecting botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, into the masseter muscles in the jaw to reduce their size and improve the appearance of the lower face. The masseter muscles are the muscles responsible for chewing and clenching the jaw, and when they are overactive, they can cause the jaw to appear wider and more square-shaped.


The treatment involves injecting small amounts of Botox into the masseter muscles on each side of the jaw. The Botox works by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses that cause the muscles to contract, which reduces their size and can result in a more slim and defined jawline.


Masseter Botox is a minimally invasive treatment that typically takes around 15-30 minutes to complete. The results are not immediate but typically start to become visible within a few days, with the full effects appearing after about two weeks. The results of the treatment can last for several months, after which the treatment can be repeated as needed to maintain the desired result.


It’s worth noting that Masseter Botox is a cosmetic treatment and is not suitable for everyone. As with any medical treatment, it’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine if Masseter Botox is an appropriate treatment option for your specific needs and goals.


Bio-remodelling is an antiaging technique which we use to apply injections in specific points on the face, which is also known as Bio Aesthetics Points – BAP technique. This technique allows us to stimulate the regeneration of the tissue and new collaguene synthesis, and also achieve a mild lifting effect. This way, without creating volume and fulness, the skin can be more toned, hydrated and we can also prevent skin sagging.

How is the intervention done?

After applying the local anesthetic cream, bio-remodelling injections, that consist of high-concentration hyaluronic acid, are applied in 10 specific points on the face.

How long does the intervention last?

Bio-remodelling treatment takes only about 15 minutes, it is completely painless and all that the patients can feel is a mild prickling. After the treatment, you can return to your usual activities.

How long does the recovery last?

The recovery is quick. The skin area where bio-remodelling injection were applied can be red and swollen for a short period of time, if the skin is thin, and this usually disappears within a few hours . The results can be seen after a couple of days, when you will notice that your skin is more toned and brighter. The treatment should be repeated after one month, so that the full and long term effect can be achieved.

Guidelines after the intervention

If it is necessary, patients can apply cold compresses on the treated skin. There is no need to massage the skin. You should not be exposed to activities involving heat in the first 24 hours, such as high intensity workouts, sauna, hot bath, as well as applying make up. During the following 7 days, it is not recommended to do laser treatments, cosmetic procedures, microdermoabrasion, depilation or chemical peeling.

Jawline correction

Jawline correction using dermal fillers is done when patients experience drooping or sagging cheeks.


Dermal fillers are injected in the area of the lower jaw, chin, and mandibula. Fillers used for jawline correction are thick, so that the effects can last over a year or 18 months. The procedure is completely painless, takes about 10 minutes, and you can return to your usual activities without any sign of injection.


Prior to any correction, your doctor will examine you thoroughly. You may be a candidate for jawline correction. If there is a more significant drooping of the cheeks, it may be necessary to perform a surgical procedure: a mini-lift.


Mesotherapy is a technique that involves injection of the hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, and aminoacids, using very fine needles applied into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin in order to improve its quality. The most important fact about this procedure, is that involves inserting the nutritive substances directly into the skin, and not on the surface, thus replacing the use of the highest quality creams. This nurtures the skin, enhances collagen production and stimulates skin regeneration.  

How is the procedure performed?

After applying local anesthetic cream, mesotherapeutic cocktail is injected into the skin.

 The cocktails are used according to specific needs of your skin.

How long does the treatment last?

The procedure lasts about 15 minutes, it is comfortable, and all that you can feel is a mild prickling sensation. After the treatment, you can return to your regular activities.

How long does the recovery last?

 Some people experience redness, small hematoma or mild swelling where the mesotherapy has been applied, but this disappears very quickly. After a couple of days, skin is noticeably hydrated, skin tone is more even, and the fine lines less visible.

Guidelines after the procedure

During 7 days after the treatment, you are advised to use neutral regenerating creams based on panthenol, arnica and vitamin E, avoid sun exposure, intense workouts, hot baths, sauna and swimming pools. You can apply make-up 24 hours after the procedure. In addition, it is recommended to avoid AHA acids in skincare, as well as retinol, in order to prevent skin irritation. We recommend 2-4 treatments to achieve full effects.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin, and thus the top layers are removed (chemical exfoliation). In addition, skin regeneration is stimulated, which improves the overall skin structure and quality.

How is the procedure done?

Depending on the type of peeling and doctor’s examination, specific preparation can be done before the chemical peeling, which typically involves the use of retinol-based creams a couple of weeks before the treatment. After thorough face cleansing, the chemical peel is applied, left on the face for several minutes, and then the acid is neutralized if necessary. Following this, we apply a regenerative face mask to soothe the skin.

How long does the procedure last?

Chemical peeling treatment takes about 15 minutes. You can feel mild prickling. In case you had a light surface peeling, you can continue your usual activities immediately after the treatment, whereas in case you had a deeper peeling, skin peel begins in 3-5 days and lasts for about 3 days. Skin is regenerated, bright and completely rejuvenated.

How long does the recovery last?

The recovery lasts approximately 7 days, only in case a deeper peeling is done. The complete recovery is achieved after the peeling phase has ended.

Guidelines after the procedure

After all types of peelings, it is recommended to use regenerative creams based on panthenol, arnica and vitamin E. During this period, you should avoid using acids for home use (AHA and BHA), vitamin C and retinol, to avoid potential irritation.  It is necessary to apply sun protection cream with SPF 50+ any time you go outside.

PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is the most natural method for skin rejuvenation using skin’s own growth factors. This treatment has shown great results in fine lines and wrinkles correction on the face and neck, hair growth stimulation, scar reduction, as well as reduction of dark under-eye area.

How is the procedure done?

First, you will have your blood taken and put into a special glass tube for PRP, after which the blood is processed in a device called a centrifuge, so that the serum rich in platelets can be separated from other blood components. After an anesthetic cream is applied, PRP is injected into the skin. Platelets from the serum release a great numnber of growth factors which enhance tissue regeneration and repairment, making the skin fresh looking, bright and more toned. Also, this method enhances hair growth.

How long does the treatment last?

The procedure takes about 30 minutes, it is safe and painless.

How long does the recovery last?

On the places of application, there can appear redness, small hematoma, or mild swelling which disappear very quickly. Within the next few days, the skin becomes noticeably hydrated, the skin tone is even, and the small wrinkles less visible.

Guidelines after the treatment

During the first 7 days, it is recommended to apply regenerative creams based on panthenol, arnica and vitamin E. You should avoid sun exposure, intensive workout, sauna, hot baths, and bathing in swimming pools. You can wear make-up 24 hours after the procedure. In addition, avoid using AHA acids and retinol in your skin care, to prevent potential skin irritation. We recommend repeating 3-5 treatment for full PRP treatment results. 

Skin boosters

Skin boosters are substances based on hyaluronic acid, which hydrate the skin in the most effective way. Hyaluronic acid is known for its power to keep the molecules of water in the skin, acting as ’water reservoir’, enhancing the production of collagen, improving skin elasticity and decreasing inflammation.

How is the procedure done?

After applying anesthetic cream, skin boosters are injected into the skin. There are several types of skin boosters on the market, and your doctor will choose the one that is best for you.

How long does the procedure last?

Skin booster procedure takes about 30 minutes, it is comfortable for the patient and all that you can feel is mild prickling. Skin boosters can be applied to face, neck, cleavage or hands.

How long does the recovery last?

 It is possible to experience redness, small hematoma or mild swelling where the skin booster was injected, however this quickly disappears. After a couple of days, skin is noticeably hydrated, skin tone is even, and small wrinkles less visible.

Guidelines after the intervention

During the first week after the treatment, it is recommended to use neutral regenerative creams based on panthenol, arnica and vitamin E, and to avoid sun exposure, intense workout, hot baths, sauna and swimming pools. You can put make-up 24 hours after the treatment. In addition, avoid using AHA acids and retinol in your skin care, to prevent potential skin irritation. We recommend repeating 3-5 treatment for full skin booster treatment results. 

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