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Led by Dr Stojićević and Dr Nedeljković, our team is devoted to surgery and aesthetics of the face and body, with the aim of maintaining natural appearance. Our positive, honest and transparent relationship with our patients, along with our expertise and long-term clinical experience in surgery, provides safety and guarantees outstanding results. 

Dr spec. Đorđe Nedeljković
surgery specialist

Dr spec. Dragan Stojićević
surgery specialist


With more than 3000 surgical interventions in our clinic and a decade-long clinical experience, we created over 10 signature surgical techniques with minimal scarring.  

Remove all signs of aging, tiredness and any imperfections on the skin with minimally invasive procedures, without any fear of artificial look. 

Remove stretchmarks, scars, capillaries on the face and body, rosacea, acne and acne scars. We also provide laser epilation and laser rejuvenation services. 

laser tatoo removal

Laser tatoo removal

Candela Picoway is a highly sophisticated medical laser used for tattoo removal. This laser uses ultra-fast pulses of energy that are capable of targeting only tattoo pigments, while leaving surrounding tissue untouched. Picoway is one of the most advanced tattoo removal lasers on the market.

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